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About Company

Today, imitated caviar is becoming increasingly popular, both in the Ukrainian and European markets.

It is connected:
  • with the price of simulated caviar (80% lower)
  • with the improvement of the quality of caviar, which is practically no different from the natural.
The company offers an improved product of European quality, caviar:
  • "Chum", "Humpback salmon", "Trout"
  • "Beluga", "Sturgeon"
  • "Pike"

Guaranteed quality.

The presence of an accredited laboratory gives us the opportunity to introduce our own technologies in the development of new types of simulated caviar, it is especially important to ensure the strictest input control of raw materials entering the production and quality control of finished products. As evidenced by the presence of ISO 22 000 certificate (HACCP).

Caviar is produced on unique equipment using patented (complex, multistage) technologies using natural raw materials.

As a result, the product is no different in its properties and quality from natural caviar.

Production is carried out by a new enterprise of the European level.

A young team of specialists led by the General Director worked and continues to work on improving the technology for the production of simulated caviar.

Our products are patented.

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